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Which garage door opener should I buy?

Which garage door opener should I buy?

When you come to install a new garage door opener, you may get lost between all the garage door opener brands and the different features they provide. This article will help you choose the right garage door opener brand that fits your garage door based on your needs and garage door features. We will first go over the most popular garage door opener brands available in the market, then discuss their cost and features.

Note: It is always recommended to have a professional diagnose and repair any issues with your garage door, as many of these problems can be dangerous to fix on your own.

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Garage Door Opener Brands

There are many different garage door opener brands in the market, we will focus on the most popular brands that are well-known which are: Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Genie. Most residential homes are equipped with one of these garage door opener brands. Now, let's deep dive into each brand's features.


The Chamberlain Group which owns several garage door opener product lines that include Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers. The Chamberlain garage door openers product line is more focused on light-weight residential garage doors. They are known to have a simple design and affordable cost. Also, this brand will fit you best if you want to install the opener yourself and take a Do-it-yourself approach. Though, it is best to call a local garage door company to install it for you, to avoid breaking it or causing harm to yourself. All in all, this garage door opener brand works best for light-weight garage doors. If you have a heavy garage door, and looking for something that lasts longer, then LiftMaster would be a great fit for you.

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The LiftMaster brand is more intended for multi system garage doors that are heavy and used more frequently. In other words, it is more for professional use unlike the Chamberlain opener. LiftMaster garage door openers are known to be very durable, and they especially work best in lifting heavy garage doors. In addition, this garage door opener brand is equipped with safety & smart features on their mobile device. All this, off course, comes at a cost. They are more expensive than chamberlain, and even Genie openers. Last feature of this brand is that it comes with battery backup in case if you lose power at your house.

Liftmaster Garage Opener

Genie garage door openers come with many smart features. When you buy a genie garage door opener, it comes with a smart mobile app. What is unique about their app is that you can see the history of who opened and closed your garage door. For example, if you and your family have the app installed, you can see which family member opened the garage door and when. Not only that, but you can give or restrict access for any of the family members and also lock your garage door after certain hours. This will keep you and your loved ones safe and gives your home maximum security.

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Which brand should you choose?

Ask yourself if you are looking for a more professional garage door opener use, or just for simple use? If you have a light-weight garage door, then you may want to choose Chamberlain. On the other hand, if your garage door is heavy and you are looking for something more secure and professional, then you may want to choose the LiftMaster. Finally, if you are looking for something that is very secure with many smart features, choose Genie garage door openers. Call Garage Door Specialists today at (210) 405-1572 if you want to install a new garage door opener, or fix your garage door.

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