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Garage Door Opener Repair / Adjustments

We have three different service options when it comes to your San Antonio homes overhead door opener;

1. Garage door opener repair:
If your garage door opener is jumping while opening the door, producing abnormal loud operational noises, grinding, or not responsive at all you may require repair.  Our San Antonio Garage Door Repair team will inspect the opener and make recommendations for cost effective repair

2. Garage door opener adjustments services:
Signs that your garage door opener may need adjusted are; garage door is going down but then opens after hitting the floor or the door opener turns on but when you press the button it only jerks the door and then turns off.  These would indicate you either have a sensor out of alignment or perhaps your safety/pressure settings need adjusted.

 3. Garage door opener installation:
Often its more cost effective to replace the garage door opener when compared to fixing the required parts.  If repairs are similar in price when compared to a newer opener with more advanced features, our service tech may suggest that as an alternative solution. 

We install Liftmaster and Chamberlain which are two of the industries best garage door opener brands; both boasting a list of advanced features that every San Antonio Home owner would love.

Looking for better garage and home security? Our garage door openers will offer that.  Maybe you need the ability to open the door from a remote location? Our repair services tech can set you up with a system that will enable this also. 

Here are a few of the great features that our overhead door opener services offer:

  1. MyQ Technology: Don't worry if you remembered to close the garage door not.  Control it from anywhere in the world from your phones app.  Open and close the door and receive notifications if it is in use. 
  2. Automatic Deadbolts: If security is important, you will love our auto dead bolt system.  Your door will lock after every close. 
  3. Timer-to-Close:  You ever forget to close the garage before heading to bed?  Our opener timing system will trigger after a given period of inactivity and close the door for you so you don't leave all your tools, cars, and home exposed to the night. 
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San Antonio Garage Door Opener Repairs Reviews 

We initially called the San Antonio Garage Door Repair Specialist to come out and repair our home's overhead garage door opener. They did such a great job and the service was professional that we decided to also have them install a second opener at your mother inlaws house. Throughout the repair service experience, the communication was on point and very professional servicemen. We appreciate the high-quality service level!

August 18, 2019

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