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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair or replacement is a maintenance service that San Antonio homeowners should plan for every 3 to 5 years depending on your level of usage.  

The standard spring will last around 5,000 cycles before you encounter a broken garage door spring.  We, however, use high-cycle garage springs that are rated to last an average of 10,000 cycles or more. 

With that said, when acquiring garage door repair services its important to know the quality of products that are being used.  We stand by our springs with a 5-year warranty. (Labor not included).  

Confident in our hardware we make sure you are never left paying the cost for a new spring.  Contact us today for broken spring repair needs.  

  • Torsion and Extension spring repair services
  • 5 year warranty on garage door springs
  • Free disposal of old garage spring hardware

Proper maintenance on your garage door parts and springs such as lubrication, wiping of dust and debris from tracks, and making sure tracks are level will extend the life of your entire system. However, as with everything, good maintenance will only take you so far and eventually your system will show symptoms for a soon needed garage door repair. Below we will cover areas that would indicate need for, repair, tune-ups, or adjustment. 

  1. Noisy garage door springs
    • You are likely in need of a garage door tune-up or lubrication
  2. Garage door opener is not running smooth and struggles to lift
    • Your garage door springs may need to be adjusted by a professional
  3. Garage door is unable to open due to broken springs
    • Pull the emergency lever and you may be able to lift it manually
    • If one spring is still functioning, you will likely have to have a professional remove it before the door can be lifted. 
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Spring Repair Symptoms & Adjustments 

Warning: Due to the high levels of tension removal and repair of garage door springs can lead to fatal injury and should be performed by a professional.  

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"We had just sat down for dinner when we heard a loud bang come from the garage. After several minutes of inspection, we found that the garage door spring had broken. Unable to lift the door we immediately called the San Antonio Garage Door Repair Specialist. They were able to fix the spring that same night in about an hour. Great experience and saved us the hassel of scheduling for a later date." Susan T.

August 4, 2019

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