Commercial Garage Door Considerations

Commercial Garage Door Repair Consideration in San Antonio

 Are you having problems with your current garage door? Buying a commercial garage door in San Antonio is not like buying a residential garage door. A commercial garage door can be damaged in many ways, from the harsh weather elements, burglary to wear and tear from daily heavy use.

 If your business is very dependent on the use of the garage door, make sure it meets your needs and preferences.

What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Garage Door

As pointed out above, a commercial garage door must be able to withstand heavy use, and daily wear and tear. That is why they need to be built using high-quality materials and installed by qualified garage door repair and installation experts.

For each business, three elements are essential, regardless of the design and model. A commercial garage door must meet the safety, reliability and functionality requirements.

Here is a quick look at what you should consider;

The Garage Door Material

If the garage door is small, aluminum and steel are comparable. However, for a large door, aluminum is significantly lighter. It gives you greater durability of the opening mechanism and requires less maintenance.

There are also fully glazed aluminum doors, but they are mostly used for restaurants, car washes or even as an interior division.

Several Dimensions at Your Disposal

Residential garage doors are relatively standard in dimension. On the other hand, commercial garage doors offer a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Most models can even be tailor-made to suit your specific entrance space. In addition, 18, 21 and 24 inches (45, 53 and 60 cm) panels can be used.

Choose The Best Garage Door Opener

The door opening mechanism is an important component of the commercial garage door. The majority of business owners prefer remote-controlled door openers.

Many garage door repair and installation professionals can guide you on the best type of garage door opener based on your use pertain.

Generally, commercial garage door openers are designed to provide stress-free operation for years. They can perform in even the most demanding commercial or industrial environment. Doing garage door opener repair every other week is no fun, so choose carefully.

Commercial garage door openers are available for firehouses, warehouses, automotive shops, parking lots, cold storage, gated communities, and a large assortment of other businesses. Be sure to combine your commercial garage door opener with high-cycle torsion garage door springs for increased performance.

Garage Door Security and Reliability

 Replacing the door can be a way to increase the security of your business. Ask your nearest garage door repair expert for the different safety and security features offered for commercial garage doors. Be sure to fully explain your security concern so you can get a suitable fit for your situation and needs.

 Regarding reliability, choose a commercial garage door that has a reliable steel or aluminum structure, constructed with superior insulation resistant to the San Antonio climate. Also, check that it’s secured by steel hinges.

Insulated Garage Doors

A poorly insulated commercial garage door can drive up your electricity bills.

Besides, if it keeps getting stuck, you will have a hard time operating especially in harsh winter and summer weather conditions.

You should preferably go for a commercial garage door with an R-16 insulation factor.

It is also good to think about installing a pedestrian door. This minimizes opening the garage door at each entry or exit and prevents wear on the garage door opener.

You don’t want to be doing garage door spring repair or garage door opener repair every other week.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

 Thanks to advances in technologies, popular materials like steel, wood composite, and aluminum are incredibly resilient and low maintenance. Natural wood, by comparison, requires additional upkeep. You may need to sand, stain and seal it every after few years.

Aluminum and glass, full-view doors, will require frequent cleaning to ensure maximum visibility through the glass panes. San Antonio weather is not necessarily the harshest, but it pays to maximize longevity by considering local weather and desired maintenance when deciding on a new commercial garage door.

 The Bottom Line

Unlike residential garage doors, commercial doors need to be robust, resilient and durable.

Consider the type of material, level of insulation, security, and reliability as well as the type of opener installed.

 Even more importantly, have a dedicated garage door repair and maintenance San Antonio expert check on your door regularly for optimum safety, security and performance.

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