Custom Garage Door Installation Considerations

Garage Door Installation and Repair

Are you planning to buy a new custom garage door? If it’s been 10 or more years since you did, now might just be the best time. The best part is; Today’s door models are stronger, more secure and better insulated than the older models, and they don’t need as much maintenance.

In this article, we will be discussing the most important factors to consider when buying a custom garage door. As you may already know, a garage door is a major investment, which means any mistakes done during purchase and installation can be pretty costly.  With that in mind, here is what to consider by choosing your custom garage door;

1. Available Garage Interior Space

The configuration and size of the interior of your garage should be taken into account when choosing your garage door. Some garage doors have a mechanism that more or less makes the most of the interior space. For example, if the ceiling is low or is clogged with piping, you will instead lean toward a side garage door with a horizontal opening system. On the other hand, if all your walls are occupied by storage and the ceiling is available, then opt for a sectional garage door with a vertical opening system. The availability of space just in front of the garage is also to be taken into account for security reasons. Does your garage open on a driveway, on a sidewalk, or directly on the road?

Some doors such as swing garage doors open to the outside and therefore require that there is no passage and that space is freed.  Sectional ceiling or side-shift garage doors open without obstructing the exterior, which is just what you need when you have limited space in front of your garage.

2. Consider the Garage Door Material

Steel Garage Door

It is the most popular choice because it requires little maintenance and is available in several different styles. You can paint your garage door to imitate just about any surface. It is also relatively inexpensive and very durable.

The only downside with steel doors is they can be a little noisy and may not withstand heavy impact such as a hockey puck without a dent.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Lighter and less expensive than steel, but it’s a little more prone to dents. Like steel, however, you can add your personal touch with different long-lasting finishes or a finish that mimics the appearance of wood.

Wood Garage Doors 

If you are looking for a more traditional and rustic appearance, wood is for you.The classic wooden door is available in many different styles, including the one with windows.

Composite wood, for instance, is superior to solid wood and has the additional advantage of resisting rotting and cracking. Made of recycled wood, it can be more ecological than real wood and offers the robustness and solidity of a steel surface.A wooden garage door can be painted or stained for a personalized appearance.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Although light, fiberglass garage doors are not the most popular, probably because they tend to lose their luster over time. However, their panels (often in aluminum frames) can be painted for greater protection against deterioration and scratches.

3. Consider the Garage Door Style

The style of your garage door should reflect the architecture of your home. Here are some suggestions:  Traditional home: opt for wood paneling with decorative touches and windows that harmonize with your home. Country Home: go easy with horizontal lines and raw materials. Contemporary Home: assert your style with interesting materials and details, such as stained wood or frosted glass.

4. Which Model should you choose?

Sectional garage doorThe sectional garage door is a vertical lift door composed of approx. 42 mm thick insulation sandwich panels, hinged together and positioned on the ceiling once the door is opened.

It optimizes the space in the garage and frees up the side walls. The sectional garage door also has very good resistance to wind and water.  Typically made of treated steel, a sectional garage door is quite robust and will offer an excellentservice life.  Roll-Up Garage DoorThe roll-up garage door is composed of insulated aluminum panels from 19 to 25 mm thick, hinged together, which wrap around an axis in a box housed above the garage opening. It is the most compact door in the market and optimizes the most space in the garage. Equipped with a built-in tubular electric motor, it is very easy to handle manually thanks to the emergency crank or electrically with its remote controls (or it’s up and down buttons). Most roll-up garage doors will have an excellent lifespan (between 20 and 25 years depending on the application), but will also withstand the most extreme conditions. Tilting Garage Doors The tilting garage door is fitted with a steel panel that tilts outwards to position itself on theceiling. The weight of its steel deck is compensated by lateral tension springs which triggerlifting arms. Its simple operation and great robustness make it a good alternative presentingexcellent value for money.

Swing Garage DoorsThe swing garage door is made of two panels opening outwards. Made of high resistance treated steel, the hinged door allows you to take advantage of all the space available inside the garage. Its installation is also quite easy and fast. Sliding Side Garage Door The side sliding garage door is a horizontally moving door made up of approx. 42 mm thick insulated sandwich panels, hinged together and sliding to the side.

5. Garage Door Opener Openers

There’re several opener types and each comes with its advantages. Choose from a belt-drive, which is much quieter and doesn’t require much maintenance; a screw drive, which may need regular lubrication; or a chain drive, which is budget-friendly but tends to be noisier.

6. Garage Door Installation

Doing your own garage door opener installation or garage door repair is generally not recommended. There is plenty of room for things to go wrong, and that means serious injuries. Consider hiring a garage door repair installation expert to keep things flawless, neat and safe.  Conclusion  This guide probably doesn’t exhaust all the possible factors and preferences you need to consider when choosing a custom garage door. However, if you get the above main factors right, you will find a perfect fit.  Talk to your San Antonio garage door repair expert for further advice on other things like types of garage door spring, textured designs, windows, ventilation, etc. They will also be able to recommend the best garage door for your situation from reputable manufacturers like Liftmaster.

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