Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Extended Durability 

While an average garage door today can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, it is still
necessary to perform regular maintenance just as you would on any other major
appliance or even your car.

Performing regular maintenance will help to maintain its suggested lifespan and the
overall reliability of the garage door in the long run. During the summer, you can take
advantage of these easy maintenance tips that are sure to keep your garage door in tip-
top shape throughout the seasons.

While some of them may require professional intervention, there is a good number of
upkeep tasks you can implement on your own.

In this article below, we share fundamental garage door maintenance tips for
homeowners in San Antonio who want to extend their garage’s durability. Let’s dive in,
shall we?

The Surface of Your Door

Clean your door at least once a year with mild soap and an automobile brush;
Avoid strong cleaners which could damage the paint;
It is advisable to apply a coat of car wax to give it a nice glossy shine to your door and
facilitate maintenance.

The Door Seals

To keep garage door seals appearance and suppleness, wash rubber seals around the door with
mild soap; Lubricate them about twice a year with a silicone-based lubricant;
Note: It is very important never to use a petroleum-based lubricant.

Metal Doors/Parts

Lubricate, twice a year, all moving parts such as casters, hinges, pulleys, springs and
locking mechanism with motor oil (e.g.: 10W30);
Check the solidity of the hinges, casters, bolts and rail supports;
If you notice any anomalies, immediately contact a garage door maintenance and
installation specialist.

Maintaining the Garage Door Opener

Note that for most openers, it is not necessary to lubricate them. They were initially
lubricated with special grease. Service your automatic door opener once every 3

Try to operate the door manually. A properly balanced garage door can be lifted easily
with one hand. If it is unbalanced or if it gets stuck, call a professional garage door
repair expert for help.

Make sure the door opens and/or closes completely. Adjust the stroke and/or force
controls as needed.

Most door openers have two knobs that are used for this adjustment. Consult your
electric overhead garage door opener manufacturer’s instruction guide.

Also, check photoelectric safety reversal detectors. The garage door should
automatically reverse its movement if an object or person is in its path. Make sure they
are plugged in and properly aligned. Finally, never let children play with the opener.
Keep the remote control in a place inaccessible to them.

Repainting Your Door

After washing your garage door, you may choose to enhance its look by applying a
fresh coat of paint. Both wooden, aluminum, and PVC garage doors can be repainted.
Choose the same color paint that you already have or create a brand new look on the
outside of your home using a new, unique color that makes your home stand out.

For most homes, the garage door occupies about 30% to 40% of the home front, so if
the door is significantly aged, stained, or dented, it can negatively impact your carb


Not only is garage door insulation beneficial during the winter months, but can also be
extremely helpful during the summer.

You want to keep the cool air in and the heat out by ensuring that the garage door has
efficient insulation. If any of the seals and other forms of insulation are tampered with,
have them repaired promptly.

The Bottom Line
Just like a car, a sectional garage door has many moving parts. It is therefore
recommended to check and lubricate the moving parts of your door every year. Casters,
cables, etc. are subject to normal wear and the spring tension may also decrease over

But of course, it all depends on how often you use the garage door. What is certain is
that regular preventive maintenance will extend the life of your door. Most
manufacturers offer the option of entering into a maintenance contract.
You can also hire San Antonio Garage Door Repair Specialists to service your garage
door every year.
We offer reliable and durable garage door installation and repair

Remember, never try to adjust the springs, the lower hinges, or the lifting cables
yourself, as this can lead to quite harmful accidents. Always, consult professional
garage door repair and installation service in San Antonio for help.

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