Tips To Keeping Your Garage Cool During Hot Days

For most of us, the garage is the room we don’t take the most care of. However, it has
been used more and more in recent years as an extension of the house, a place where
children can spend a little more energy, a laundry room, or a training room.
If your garage gets too hot and humid during the summer, certainly, you will not want to
use it. Also, remember that humidity can lead to mold and bring you a host of other

So if you need a little help and creativity and keeping your garage cool during hotter
days, here are our ideas:

Is Your Garage Door Airtight?

Over the past decade, garage doors have been made with more and more efficient
components and they are more energy-efficient. Opt for doors fitted with insulation
made of polyurethane foam. This foam occupies all the cavities of the door and
therefore insulates your garage door much better.

Remember to take a close look at the tightness of the door and make sure there are no
“thermal bridges “. These can make a very big difference in terms of the comfort you
seek in the garage. Know that if you opt for higher quality for your garage door, you will
save on the costs of air conditioning your home, even if you do not air condition the

Insulating the door and wall and sealing leaky weather stripping will not only keep your
garage cool but also significantly saves on cooling costs.

Add Ventilation Or Air Conditioning.

If you use your garage daily for different activities, another way to combat heat and
condensation in the garage would be to put a duct from your central house air
conditioning system in the garage. This will lower the temperature inside the garage and
also control the humidity.

You can also install a stationary ventilation system designed to control the hot and
humid air in dusty areas like the garage door.

At the very least, installing garage fans can keep things just cool enough if you don’t use your
garage too often or store temperatures-sensitive items in it. This way, you may only
need to switch on the fans when working in the garage.

Industrial type fans are also available for busy garages –the best part is dust tends to be
a little forgiving to this type of fans compared to other air conditioning systems.

If Necessary, Use A Garage Dehumidifier.

Humidity can sometimes make your garage less inviting. Remember, when there is too
much humidity in the air, things heat up, and you sweat less, which means reduces your
body’s natural means of cooling itself.

Measure the humidity level with a hygrometer, and if necessary, install a dehumidifier.
To make your space pleasant, the humidity should not exceed 45% to 50%. There are
affordable dehumidifiers on the market, and other more efficient ones used mainly in the
commercial sector.

Use Light Paint Colors For Garage Exterior

As you may already know, light paint colors reflect light (and heat) and dark paint colors
absorb light (and heat). Dark colors absorb heat. The heat from the sun setting in the
west is highest at around 3:30 to 4:30 pm. If you have a west-ward facing garage door,
it often gets exposed to the sun’s blazing heat during these times.

Painting your garage door light colors such as off-white, white, cream, or beige will
reduce the impact of the heat. Painting the exterior walls a light color will also aid in
keeping the garage cooler

If you have a detached garage, installing a light-colored roof over it can significantly
reduce the heating. Light-colored roofs made of certain materials can lower your
garage’s temperature by up to 28-33ºC in summer.

All the above ideas are great ways to keep your garage cooler in the summer (and
warmer in the winter). In addition to more comfort, these improvements may also
increase the value of your property.

So if you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, you can always count this as
worthy investment alongside necessary garage door repairs and upgrades.

As always, work with a professional garage door installation and repair expert when
implementing major upgrades to improve performance, reduce injuries, and get value
for your money.

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