Garage Door Springs Guide

Your Ultimate Garage Door Springs Guide

How does a garage door spring work?

A Garage door spring is one of the most essential parts of your garage door. The main function of your garage door spring is to hold the weight of your heavy garage door and lift it. Without it, it will almost be impossible to open & close your garage door. You may think that the garage door opener is what lifts your garage door, but that is incorrect. A garage door opener controls the motion of your garage door in opening and closing.

This guide is focused on helping you diagnose your broken garage door springs, and other general information about garage door spring types, and is not intended on guiding you how to repair your springs. If you want to take a DIY approach and fix your garage door springs, you can check out our garage door springs guide.

Garage door spring types

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion springs, and extension springs. It is important that you understand which type of springs does your garage door have, so that you can understand the color coding that they are marked with. Because garage door springs are color coded according to the size and type of the garage door you have installed.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are installed on top of your garage door, parallel to the wall. They are a set of hard coiled and stiff springs that can be very heavy. They are broken into two categories: standard, and torque master.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Extension Springs

Extension springs are installed perpendicular to your garage door, and they are placed along the garage door tracks. On the contrary to torsion springs, extension springs are very light-weight and they are broken into 3 categories: Open-looped, Double-looped, and Clip ends.

Garage door extension springs

DASMA Spring Color Code

Torsion Springs Color Code

Dasma spring color code

Extension Springs Color Code


Garage Door Spring Costs

The cost of your garage door spring varies depending on the size and type of your garage door spring. If you decide to take a DIY approach, a garage door spring installation would cost you up to $150-$200. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a professional garage door company, the installation with labor included would cost you anywhere between $300-$500 depending on the garage door spring size. 

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