Automatic Garage Door Repair & Renewal

Garage Door Maintenance 

One of the most part that experiences damages, wear-and-tear in your houses is your garage door. We use our garage doors on a daily basis and multiple times a day, almost 365 days a year. It should not be a surprise why garage doors are the most part that will experience damage and will need constant care to maintain the safety of your household.

There is no wonder why we need to ensure that regular care and maintenance is made. It is important to keep your garage door operating smoothly and do regular preventative care and maintenance.

The period that many experts recommend to checking on you garage door is every 6 months. This will help to ensure that you have a reliable and balanced moving garage door. Whether you need a simple Tune-up, some maintenance or complete garage door installation, you may contact your trustworthy local company Garage door specialists.

We will take all the necessary steps to sort out the issues of your Garage Door including any Damages, dents, noises or other improper workings of your garage door.


Installing a new Garage door adds beauty and value to your house. Whether it is a dent, or breakage you should take care of it as soon as possible to give that refreshing look back to your house. There are many types of garage doors designs that you can choose from.

If you are looking for modern looking and affordable prices, you can call your local garage door specialists in San Antonio right now. Our technicians are highly skilled and professional. They undergo regular training to provide you with excellent repairs and services.

Automatic Garage Door Pros and Cons


  • For the safety of your household, especially if you have children
  • There are broader designs for automatic garage doors and a variety of different customizations that you can make. That means you can customize the color of your garage door, material and design options to give your house the modern look. On the other hand, manual garage doors have limited design and customizations.
  • You can have control over the speed of how fast or slow your automatic garage door can open.
  • There is no need to get off your car seat to open or close your garage door. This can be very important in bad weather situations as it allows you with a click of a button to open or shut down your garage door.
  • Automatic garage doors are more resistant to wear-and-tear and other damages manual garage door may experience. That is because, automatic garage doors operate on sensors that will stop them from closing when they interfere any present objects


  • Of course, automatic garage doors are more expensive than manual garage doors.
  • They are more challenging to install unlike manual garage doors. Automatic models require a professional garage door specialist to install and configure the garage door for safety risks.
  • If you are looking to sell your house or even just to increase the value of your property, we recommend that you install an automatic garage door. If your have a manual garage door model and would like to switch to the automatic model, Garage Door specialists will help you to choose a design and color of your preference and to ensure a proper configuration and installation will take place.


We have clear pricing structure that is setup to make it affordable as well as high-quality for everyone. Our local experts will give you a stress-free service that satisfies your needs without any hidden prices or fees. Customer happiness and satisfaction is our top priority.


We use the industry’s best and most reliable products that are durable and last longer. We will properly check your spring openers along with your motor as well as lubricating the chain and screws to give you that finishing touches that appeal to you.

When was the last time you checked your garage door?

It is really important to have a technician come check the safety and reliability of your garage door every 6 months. We have services to meet all your needs. Our staff will do checkups for any dents and identify any occurring problems and fix them.

Not performing regular inspection and maintanance could cause harm to your household members and belongings. we strongly advise you to have a professional check the safety of your garage door every couple of months. 

Why you should balance your garage door?

Having a garage Door that is improperly balanced, can have effects on the security of your vehicles and more importantly, your safety. It is highly encouraged by garage door specialists to check the balance of your door, or call a garage door expert to do so for you. 

Our Garage door specialists will take all the necessary steps to adjust and make your garage door perfectly balanced. Testing your garage door and balancing it makes it less likely to do any damages to your valuables. Our technicians will show you how a balanced garage door should operate and give you a step by step guide of what-to-do when your garage door isn’t balanced

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