Choosing The Best Garage Door Company

Garage Door Repair Companies

There are plenty of Garage door repair companies all over the U.S. You will be shocked on the number of companies that provide garage door services in your area. That's why it can be a little challenging to find the right one. You have to make sure that you are dealing with companies that are trusted in you state, city, and community. The last thing you want to happen is get an unsatisfying service or service that doesn't fit you budget. 

Choosing the BEST garage door company in any location

It is very challenging and difficult to choose the best garage door company in your area or even any other home service, due to the vast number of companies who provide these services. All of them claim to be the best, most experienced in their field, have great customer service as well as many other claims. So, how can you tell if their claims are correct and that you can trust this company? In this article we will go in great detail on the proper steps of finding the right company that fits your needs.  

Imagine that you are having a garage door problem and your garage door won’t open. So, you decide to go online to google search engine and type “Garage door companies near me”. About 10 different companies show up in the search engine, then you finally decide on one. 

Next¸ you call them and book a service appointment with them. The next day, or perhaps it is an emergency and they come in the same day, they fix the issue and charge you $$$ dollars and leave. The next day you wake up in the morning to realize that the garage door is having the same problem and the issue is still not fixed. Or maybe a different scenario where they told you that they were going to charge you $250, then after they finish, they tell you that it is going to be $600.

What would you do in either of these scenarios? Well, the best option is to solve this problem from its roots and try your best to make the BEST decision in the first place when you were conducting a google search about a garage door company. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do so because sometimes we are just in a hurry and don’t have time to do our research on different companies before choosing the right one. 

Check the company REVIEWS

First things first, check their google reviews and take a look at their website to check any other social media accounts that they may have. Sometimes the company is great, and their service is awesome, but it doesn’t fit your budget $$$$. On the other hand, you will be able to find a variety of companies who have the same services but for a lower price.

Now let’s take a closer look on how we can perform a quick google search while selecting the best option.

1- Begin by performing a google search

Garage Door Company Reapirs

We can see here that Garage door specialists in the figure above have a 5.0-star rating. Now that could be a little tricky because some companies have 5.0 star rating when only having one review, while others have 5.0 with 100 reviews. Which one will you choose? Of course the one with 100 reviews because it shows that a lot of people have got their services with this company and they can be trustworthy. But we are not finished with our research, we have to continue to dig in so that we can choose the best option.

2- Click on the company with the best star-rating

Garage Door Professional

Now that we have found the company with the best star-rating, it’s time to check it out. NOTE: make sure that the company has a lot of reviews! Because 5.0 star-rating with few review could be a scam. Next, click on the option with the best star-rating.  In the figure below, when we clicked on Garage Door repair Specialists, we can see that they have a lot of reviews which indicates that many customers are very happy and satisfied with their services as well as their prices. We can also see that they have a total of 435 reviews meaning that they are trustworthy in their community.

3- Finally, READ the reviews

Now it’s time for our final step in our company research. READ the reviews, the good and bad so that you can see what are the pros and cons of the company. When you want to choose a company requesting any home service, follow the steps discussed above for best results. Always remember to check the star-rating as well as the number of reviews for the company, then start by reading the reviews. 

Garage Door Installation Cost: Your Ultimate Guide

The first thing that may cross your mind when you are about to install a new garage door for your house is: How much should you pay for a new garage Door? Am I overpaying? These questions are only some of the few that people wonder about. In this article we will help you answer all these questions to help you in choosing the right decision. This guide will go in detail about the cost of installation, labor, and everything in between

Garage door installation cost - Part 1

When you get a garage door service repair or an installation, garage door professionals usually include charges such as:

  • Labor fee could cost anywhere between $100-$400
  • Garage door price fee (if installing a new garage door). Garage door prices could be anywhere from $400 to $1200 depending on the material and design of the garage door.
  • Hardware fee which may include door tracks, clicker, springs, garage openers, and other hardware
Garage Door Installation

Automatic garage door vs. Manual garage doors

Most of the modern houses in the U.S have automatic (or electric) garage doors installed. The main reason for that is they are more efficient and secure for our families and belongings. There are many houses that still have manual garage doors and the cost for repairs or replacements can be anywhere in between $500 to $2200. If you are considering to make it automatic, you can expect a cost of $700 - $3500.

Garage door installation Costs - Part 2

Let us get straight to the numbers and explore the average installation cost of a brand new garage door. Garage door installation cost range anywhere from $745 - $2300. A double-door garage cost range is anywhere between $800-$1500, while single-door garages could cost from $600 - $1500. This price includes the labor fee and the price of the garage door. Sometimes the cost could reach to as high as $2500 or more depending on the material used, size of the garage, other customization, and more importantly the state and zip code you reside at.

Garage Door cost by type

Product Name



$600 - $2000


$700 - $2000

Faux Wood

$1,000 - $4,500


$1,000 - $3,000


$650 - $1900

Garage Door replacement detailed costs

Product Name


Garage door opener replacement

$200 - $500

Garage door lock replacement

$100 - $300

Garage door spring repair

$100 - $200

New remote

$20 - $75

New garage door

$400 - $2000

Hardware supplies

$50 - $200


$100 - $500

Other fees you may want to consider

  • Material & Design: Choose a design that fits your budget. There are a variety of garage door materials. Sizes, and shapes which varies drastically in price.
  • Location: as you all know, location MATTERS! Depending on your location and neighborhood you live in, your cost will probably vary
  • Hardware supplies: Sometimes you may not even realize it that you need to replace a bolt, hinges, springs, clicker, or a new garage door opener until after the garage door professional do the inspection. Hardware replacement costs anywhere between $50 - $40

Design and customize your own garage door

Garage Door Installation

If you are all about the curb appeal and visual presentation of your house and would like to customize your garage door, we have a detailed list for you on what to expect. Customizing your garage door could range anywhere between $700 to 10K. Yes! You read that correctly and here is why

Custom Level




$300 - $1,000

- You can ship this immediately since it is already premade

- Limited color designs and panel options

Partial Customization

$1,000 - $2,500

- more panel options

- more color designs and styles

Fully Costumed

$2,000 - $10,000

- Choose any panel/design/color of your favor

- Choose a customized finish

- Best material quality

- Lifetime warranty

When you want to get a garage door repair or install a new garage door, this is you ultimate guide that you can refer to check out the expected fee and charges for a garage door repair or replacement. Things to always keep in mind while replacing your garage door is the climate of the state you live in because that can help determine the material you may want to use for your garage door.

The Ultimate Garage Door Opener Repairs Guide

Garage Door Opener Repairs & Most Common Issues

 Sometimes, the hardest, devastating, and most annoying garage door opener problems that you may encounter have the simplest solutions problems. Below is a list of the common issues that your garage door opener may encounter, as well as the repairs and recommended solutions for each problem:

  1. Dead motor batteries
  2. Your garage door needs to be lubricated!
  3. Your photo-eye sensor is not aligned or broken
  4. Your garage door Remote control and Wall switch are not working!
  5. The switch disconnect OPTION is ENABLED

1- Garage Door Repair for Dead batteries 

Remote control batteries

While this may be an obvious one, but many people mistake it for a broken garage door opener. The batteries of your remote control could be dead causing the transmitter to not send a signal to your motor. To check if your remote control batteries are dead, open your garage door using the wall switch, if it opens, it means your remote control batteries are dead and need replacement

2- Your garage door needs to be lubricated!

Garage Door Lubrication

This is a very common probably, the top number one issue that a lot of home owners encounter! But, don’t worry we are here to help you because this should be an easy fix. When was the last time you lubricated your garage door chain? Your garage door chain needs to be regularly oiled so that it can run smoothly without making any annoying noises. Buy a garage door lubricant, a silicon-based lubricant preferably, and apply it to your chain as that will reduce the friction and allow your garage door to operate smoothly. Make sure to spray the lubricant all along and wipe off any excess spray.

3- Your photo-eye sensor is not aligned or broken

Photo-eye sensors

The third most common issue on our list is unresponsive garage door openers. The first thing you should check out is the photo-eye sensor of your garage door. Check if they are aligned properly, there shouldn’t be any obstructions or objects in between. The photo-eye sensor transmits a beam of light to detect if there are any objects in between. This is a great safety measure as if there is a person or some valuable belongings, the photo-eye sensor would prevent your garage door from closing down when it detects objects that are in the garage door entrance path.

Wipe off your photo-eye sensors as they tend to get dusty over time and that will cause the light beam to be blocked. Be careful while you are cleaning it up as it is made from glass and you should clean it carefully so that you do not scratch the glass or cause any damages

Now test your garage door to see if it opens and closes! Did it work? If it worked, then congrats! You have done a great job. If not, then you need to check if both sensors are aligned properly. They you be exactly pointing to each others so that the light beam signal is received , or otherwise, the photo-eye sensor would think that there is an object in the middle of the entrance that is blocking the light beam. Now to test if they are aligned properly, you can measure the height of each sensor and then use a level to check if they are directly pointing across of each other. another way to do this, is to use a laser as your leveling device to see if they are pointing across of each other. 

If none of these repairs worked for you, then it is time to contact a Garage Door Company Specialist to do an inspection on your garage door and run all the necessary diagnostics.

4- Your garage door Remote control and Wall switch are not working!

Garage Door Opener

If both, your Remote and wall switch, are not working, there is a high chance that they are not receiving any power. The power source to you wall switch and Remote has been disrupted in some way or another. First thing you should do is check if your garage door

5- The switch disconnect OPTION is ENABLED


Every Garage door is equipped with a switch option for emergency situations such as power disruption. The main function of the DISCONNECT option of your switch is that; in case you home loses power, you can enable this options to open and close your garage door manually. You need to make sure that the switch disconnect option is DISABLED. 

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