How to Fix A Noisy Garage Door : 8 Easy Ways

Repair A Noisy Garage Door San Antonio

No matter what you use your garage for, we can agree that there is nothing more irritating than a noisy garage door.

If you often come home late at night, you don’t want to announce your entrance to the entire neighborhood or wake up sleeping family.  

All that screeching and squeaking is not amusing at all. So, in this post, we will be sharing some useful hacks and tips on how to quite a noisy garage door.

Here we go;

1. Lubricate Your Garage Door System

A squeaky and screechy garage door could be a sign that you don’t lubricate your garage door often enough. You need to regularly apply the lubricant to metal parts of your garage such as the hinges, tracks, and rollers.

If you have a chain-driven garage door, be sure to apply the lubricant on that too. If the chain is worn out and excessively noisy, consider calling a garage door repair expert to swap it with a belt-driven garage opener.

Lubricating your garage door is not a one-time task –you should do it every after 6 months to maintain a quiet garage door. 

2. Tighten Things Up

A ‘loose’ garage is not only noisy but also dangerous to family members operating it.
Most loose parts of a garage door can be fixed using a socket or a wrench. You can cheaply buy any of these at your local hardware if you don’t have one.

Inspect the door for any loose parts and tighten any loose nuts and screws. However be carful to not over tighten them and break the bolt. Many times, this process will fix your noisy garage door.

3. Invest In New Hinges

Take a closer look, (or listen) at your garage door hinges to find out if they’re the noisy culprits. Hinges can also get worn out by bending and flexing when closing and opening your garage door. If not replaced in good time, they can be quite squeaky.

Note, however, that replacing the hinges requires technical skills and specialized tools that only professionals can offer.

4. Consider Rollers

Rollers can be quite noisy when worn out or neglected. If you have an older garage door model, chances are it has metal rollers. If lubricating them doesn’t seem to help, consider replacing them.

Nylon rollers tend to be quieter than metal ones, but they’re typically more expensive. If you have a tight budget, just replace the old metal rollers with new ones and that should solve the problem. Before buying new rollers, make sure you know the exact size and dimensions required. If you’re working with a pro, they can help with this.

5. Use Some Rubber

Garage door metal parts can be noisy. Adding rubber to your garage door can help absorb some of the vibrations and cushion the heavy door as it hits the bottom end.

Take a look at your insulation strip –if your garage door is missing this part, or it’s worn out, the door will be much noisier when it hits the bottom.
Measure the length of your old insulation strip and buy a new rubber part in your nearest hardware store.

Get a slightly longer rubber piece and cut any ends that stick out once you’re done installing.

6. Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener could be the primary source of all the squeaking noises you’re hearing. The opener is responsible for closing and opening your door and gets worn out just like other parts.
If the annoying noises are coming from the upper part of your garage door, chances are it’s the opener.

However, handling automatic garage door openers can be quite dangerous.
If you're considering replacing your garage door opener with a new one, it’s safer to have a qualified garage door repair expert do it for you. But before replacing your garage, try out the above tips.

Consult a Garage Door Company

As mentioned, the garage door comes with numerous parts that can be technical and even dangerous to handle.

You can implement some of the tips mentioned above on your own without a major concern e.g. applying a lubricant.
However, some tasks such as garage door opener repair or replacing and tightening the springs require specialized skills, tools, and extra manpower.

For this reason, always hire a professional garage door repair expert for help if you’re not sure about what to do. 

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